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About Me

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Séb and i like to discover new things and use all the new technologies availables on the web. Passionate by this world, i’m currently working at Groupe Pichet, one fo the greatest real estate French company in the heart Bordeaux as an IT & Delivry Manager.

In this place, i will expose all my personal works done since many year. I want to share my experience with anyone interested in.

Obviously, most of this projects fit to a certain tech age. All of them has teached me a lot of things and was a good experience but they, off course, doesn’t reflect my actual skills.


Since i have beginning my first projects, the way i have lead and answer my clients needs have changed. Agility is more than a project management philosophy, for me, it’s making sense that your initial purpose could change and a functionnal brief can evolve. Even if you start creating a project in V cycle, small iterrations with a perputal review by the customer is a only way to drive succesfully your goals.

Scrum, Kanban, Sprint, Backlog, Functional and technical brief are just tools like a swiss knife for a good project manager adapting his method according to his environment.

To be both the listen of your project’s team and your client’s expectations is an interesting exercise. I see my work like a bridge creator between the operational and the profession in the same objectif; to make an original idea to be ready for the “Time to market”


The devOps culture is not a method, it is much more a philosophy. Time consuming applications to build and deploy reduce the cycle of new features . A continuious delivery with code coverage, scalable environnements on an open environment can make the difference against the market.

My vision is that a devOps is not and old system administrator knowing how to deploy an application in a cloud computing platform. It is more an engineer able to optimize continualy the applicative bricks and find always new way to deliver the service much faster and secure.

At the moment, i’m interested by a lot of tools including Gitlab CI, Docker, ELK Stack, Ansible, Capistrano, Chef, Sentry, Grafana, Prometheus …


I had many life before this one. Curiosity can bring you towards future right now.


The listen of the client is the base of a project. Understand his needs and predict the risks the most earlier as possible are still the basics of project management. I have write a lot of Terms of Reference, Functional and Technical Specifications, Software Architecture & Infrastructure, Technical Audit


Backend development (PHP – Zend & Symfony /Java – Android studio) and fronted (JS/TypeScript – Angular); CMS development & integration (eZ Publish / WordPress / Bolt / Typo3 …); Strong skills with Sass / Less, Bootstrap; Common use of regular task runner like Grunt / Gulp / Webpack.


I have manage and lead several teams including developers, system administrator and graphic designers. Some of my experience had drive me to work with somes asian and outsourcing operator accross europe. I have succefuly finish agile and V cycle projects in various activity sector.


We choose to use docker to  easily deploy applications using private and secure registry. Gitlab CI allow you to test, build and package application. Associate with strong APIs, continuous delivry servers can elaborate a reel app factory strategy with a real PRA / PCA plan.

Case studies

Some interesting projects i have the chance to working on

La parenthèse beauté

La parenthèse beauté is a french beauty institute. I made all the graphical assets and creation of the website in less than one week.


Mydws is a Dealer website generator build by MOONDA ( A French web agency company). I build an in-app store connected with the CRM and develop an automatic system payment by API.

Warlords Battles

A game project using angular and sockets with node js. I create all the graphics assets including the drawings. It was a good practice to improve myself with a full MEAN stack. I have choose to connect a Javascript ORM (called sequilize) to manage the user interface.


eZ Publish / Wordpress / Typo3 / Magento ...


AWS / GCP / K8S / SOA / Serverless / IaaS / PaaS ...


Stmfony / Angular / Android / MEAN Stack / LAMP Stack ...


Linux / Varnish / VM Ware / SSO / CI / CD

Experience & Education

Some of My Notable Work & Education


Degree level in Management Information System

After my bachelor degree, i choose to follow 2 years formation in a private  informatic school. Associated with another two years at Esicad group of Montpellier, i have succecfully validate a BTS in Management Information System. Quickly, i have prefered to work in IT company to practice the theory in a real envrionnement.


Drim Technologies – Graphic Designer

I have started my professional journey in a web agency of Montpellier learning how to creating pretty websites from the graphical charter to the integration in various system like .NET app or CMS like Joomla. I have also discover Flash animation allow my to rethink the UX/UI of my firsts projects.


Ingni / WebM – Frontend Developer

Having Moved to Lyon for my work, i have join one the biggest IT services company. Discovering the project management with a senior art director and CTO, i have had the luck to work for international companies on great projects including the MBA of Lyon, Tornier, Merial or Sytral. I built several WordPress or Typo3 projects and many SPA in Flash using POO. I have discover how built strong API and manage relational and non-relational database.


Descode – Fullstack developer

Following the port of the previous Ingni/Web-m team, i have join Descode as a associate of the company. Became self-governing, my work as fullstack developer had allow to me to get involved in the project since the begining until the TPAM process.


Definima – Project Manager & Lead Developer

Definima is an IT agency near Bordeaux building websites for small and medium business in a familial vibes. We have build a strong and professional team and have worked on different kinds of project : Web Apps (Zend & Symfony Framework), CMS Website (WordPress), Marketing campain or creating Retail online shops (Prestashop / Magento). I had lead more than 50 projects and get responsabilities participating to the activity of the company.


Moonda – Buisness Lead Developer

MOONDA have offer to me to work on an interesting project, a website factory based on eZpublish hosting more than 300 websites for the John Deere company. I got a mission to develop the buisness of the platform setting up a market place connected directly with the CRM and the ERP. I have develop a bridge with API througt the application and the banking system to allow the batch of payments automaticaly. All the sprints was done in Agile. In the same way, i was in charge to develop the buisness with other companies like Yale or institutional organisations like the CCI



Groupe Pichet – IT & Delivery Manager

The group Pichet is one the biggest French company in the world of real estate. Near the IT direction, the Marketing SI drive all the business projects with our customers. I’m in charge of building and deploying all the marketing campains projects (Landing page / Websites ) and IT web solution (SaaS application). I am also the manager of the Group’s TPAM for the web. Working with the best open source technologies (Varnish, memcache, VM Ware, RabbitMQ etc..) i work with multiple clusters on different IT provider including the most commun cloud computing companies like Google and Amazon.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me for any reason. I will do my best to answer your as soon as possible.

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Cestas, Near Bordeaux (France)